Do you wish young girls of today could learn the old ways of proper etiquette and social grace that was once common practice in society?

Do you wish there was a way to teach
them all these things easily?

Though today’s world seems to have lost its appreciation for grace and proper etiquette, there are those of us who still appreciate it and hope to teach it to the future generations.  I am one of those who does, and with the knowledge I received through schooling in my teens on social etiquette and grace accompanied by my love for ministry and for teens I have created workshops on these topics.

These workshops are perfect for girls ages 8-18 and are designed to boost their self-esteem and support the spiritual and social development of this very impressionable teen and tween age.

Girls will learn everything from public speaking to social manners. Christian Charm School workshops are focused not only on teaching proper social etiquette to girls, but also on highlighting the important role God plays in their lives and the ways in which they reflect the image of Christ through their daily thoughts and actions.

Beauty By Design Ministries seeks to empower young ladies and
help them to turn to God for guidance and inspiration.

A girl can learn all this and more by working through this simple, and easy to understand workbook alone or as a part of a small group study. It will not only be enjoyable, but life changing as well.

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The Christian Charm School Workshop materials are not only great for individual girls, but also  for small groups, Bible study groups, Homeschool groups, or other organizations. !

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